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From:  S.J

Comment received via Facebook:  Friday August 17th 2012  8:04 PM

Your Comment:  Received my first order from u today and I love them! Very happy with them will deffo not be my last order. Thank u very much:)


From:  S.C

Comment received via Facebook:  July 9th 2012  12:36 PM

Your Comment:  Couldn't survive without your cotton gloves for my 5 year old - the are so hardwearing and comfortable. I live in fear that you will discontinue or change them!


From:  A.V. Australia

Email Received:  Sunday May 22 2011  1:39 PM

Your Comment:  I just wanted to say thank you designing a wonderful product. We live in Australia and have recently purchased some of your comfy mitt T and cosy toes PJ bottoms from the Allergy Shop for my 3 year old who has sever eczema since he was 10 weeks old. I wish it didn't take me so long to find them. I have also found the top great for him to wear during the day as he is a lot more comfortable in it rather than having his hands in bandages all day to stop the stratching.

Thank you so much. My only wish is that I could get the stripe comfymitt PJ in Australia.


From:  A.K. Dublin

Email Received:  Tuesday April 05 2011  11:53 AM

Your Comment:  I love the look of your new website!  Much more user-friendly than the last one and looks lovely and fresh.


From:  L.B. Hertfordshire

Email Received:  Wednesday April 01 2009  9:47 PM

Your Comment:  I just wanted to send an email to say what a godsend your nightwear has been to my daughter.  My daughter is 3 years old and has suffered from Trichotillomania since she was 1 years old.  For anyone that does not know what Trichotillomania is, it is a disorder/habit whereby she pulls her hair out.  In children it is often a comfort thing, where they suck their thumb with one hand and pull their hair out with the other hand and mainly done at night or when tired.  This is precisely the way it is for my daughter and I have been using your nightwear since she was diagnosed.  We have managed to stop her sucking her thumb and pulling her hair out at the same time by her wearing your nightwear with the mittens.  When the condition is at its worst she even wears them during the day! 

The reason for this email is to let you know other ways in which your clothing has helped people and if there is anyway you could advertise your products on a Trichotillomania website to let other people know of ways in which you can help.

Many thanks.

Cotton Comfort Comment:  This customer bought an X422 Comfymitt Body plus


From:  S.G. Cheltenham

Email Received:  Sunday 26 April 2009  10:33am

Your Comment:  I have just ordered 2 more of your bras - I've been wearing them for several years now as I literally cannot wear anything else on the market - I come out in a horrible red rash after a couple of hours wearing anything else.  Not sure whether it is Lycra or latex or what, but these bras do the job.


From:  J.R  Birmingham

Email Received:  Monday April 20 2009  12:24PM

Your Comment:  Just wanted to thank you for the speedy despatch of my cotton gloves. They are a godsend! I had a pair from B**** that were quite rubbish as they were too short and in the morning I would find them in the bed and not on my hands, and I would wake up having scratched myself stupid during the night.


From:  S.H.  Scotland

Email Received:  Wednesday April 08 2009  5:16 PM

Your Comment:  Thank you very much for the three pairs of extra small Square-Cut Pants (A19/NAT/1), which arrived safely yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. The garments fit well and are very comfortable. I am pleased to see that these garments were made in Germany – a welfare state – instead of by child/slave labour in the Far East.


From:  K.E.  London

Email Received:  Sunday, June 01, 2008 2:48 PM

Your Comment:  I would like to enquire about which size of gloves to choose for my daughter. She is 6 years old and 120cm tall - and I have no idea which measurements the sizes given on the website refer to.

Cotton Comfort Response:  Our gloves, and all of our childrenswear, are sized according to the height of the child, therefore our size 3 gloves (to fit 100-120) will be the correct size

Your Comment:  Also, about 3 years ago I purchased nightwear from your company for my daughter who suffered so much at that time, that on some days she couldnt walk due to cracked skin and who -for at least 1 1/2 years- woke every night for anything between 1 and 2 hours to scream the place down as she was so itchy; and the nightwear alone really worked miracles. After finally finding out the cause of her eczema, we now have it under control and find it much easier to live with it. Many thanks for your contribution to it and well done for developing these clothes. Kind regards


From:  PJ   London

Email Received:  Sunday, April 13, 2008 9:06 PM

Your Comment:  My son is now 12 and has worn your sleepsuits, underwear and now school uniform since birth. Your grey school trousers are great and much loved by his cousin when passed down (who doesnt have eczema but appreciates how cool and comfortable they are) however its been a real struggle for the last 18 months keeping up with his growth and Im keen that he will be able to wear your trousers through his school career, right up to 180 or 190cm Similarly with the shirts he hates any kind of uniform that isnt yours and I dont want to resort to the polyester mix you get on the high street Can you think about catering for older children and teens as far as uniform goes? From your product range it seems you switch off once they get beyond 150cm On another matter when are the boxer shorts going to be made available? I was told they would be ready soon but cant see them on your website Again my son has grown out of the pants i e he thinks theyre too babyish and has said he wants to switch to boxers like his friends They all shop at Gap which have itchy labels that dig in the back Do let me know!

Cotton Comfort Response:  Our choices of the clothing we sell and the sizes offered is led by our customers needs. If any other customers are looking for larger sizes in the school trousers and shirts then please let us know. If there is sufficient demand then we will extend our size range. Our boxer shorts (Order code X443) are now available


From: T.H.  Chatham, Kent

Email Received:  Tuesday, April 01, 2008 2:25 PM

Your Comment:  Excellent customer services and Excellent product. I was recommended by a family member and was at my wits end with lack of sleep and my poor son constantly scratching and getting infections Since buying the pjs mitts we have had sleep at night, my sons skin has improved immensly and I do not need to bandage him up from top to bottom. Will be back again and again. Thank you ever so much. Also a big thank you from Joshua x


From:  S.E.  Hereford

Email Received:  Friday, March 28, 2008 10:22 AM

Your Comment:  We have just taken delivery of some of your wonderful pyjamas and after only one nights wear were ordering some more! They are brilliant ! I cant believe the difference in our little girls skin even after just one night Thank you also for the excellent service


From:  G.F.  Birmingham

Email Received:  Sunday, January 27, 2008 10:29 PM

Your Comment:  Just placing another order, your mitten t shirts have made a huge difference to our son's life since he was a few months old (he's 8 now) A wonderful solution to those night time itches, his eczema is almost non existent Thankyou!


From:  K.B  Aberdeen

Email Received:  Monday, May 05, 2008

Your Comment:  Entering year four of using mitten t's and pyjamas the school shirts underskirts tights and knee socks are brilliant and give comfort at school where wool blazers and kilts rule! The NEW silver mitten T is to be recommended as day by day less and less creams have been used A big thank you from a converted silver wear user


From:  M.B.  Bournemouth

Email Received:  Saturday, April 26, 2008

Your Comment:  I started buying pyjamas from you for my son when he was little he's now 16 and not so little and I still buy your pyjamas for him they wash beautifully and are soft and comfortable His idea of bliss is to change into  his pyjamas whenever he gets home to chill out I wear your tops and pants and they are fabulous too My mum is now a convert as her skin has become more sensitive with age and she never has any problems with  the vests and tops she has


From:  V.C.  Gwynedd   Wales

Email Received:  Monday, October 22, 2007 7:31 PM

Your Comment:  Your clothing has already become indispensable to us I now can't imagine putting my daughter to bed without one of your sleepsuits. Life has improved so much for all of us. Many thanks


From:.  l.B  London

Email Received:.  Saturday, October 06, 2007 12:38 PM

Your Comment:.  my 2 year old has only wore them 4 a wk but wid her creams it has bn clearer than it has 4 years! im glad i read that mag


From:.  L.L  Lincoln

Email Received:.  Wednesday, October 03, 2007 9:03 PM

Your Comment:.  Have already got the all in one pj's which my 6yr old boy loves -  have ordered the mitted tops for night time and car journeys as it will be easier for him to go to the loo. These are excellent items, if only wet wrapping was as easy. He always asks to put on his special pjs and i get a night's sleep at last and more importantly so does he.Would recommend these garments to anyone who has suffered with a child with eczema. Can't rate these high enough


From:.  V.H  Hove   East Sussex

Email Received:.  Thursday, September 13, 2007 9:49 PM

Your Comment:.  Hi I was wondering whether there's any possibility of discount for anyone who has twins I used your eczema pyjamas with my first daughter and they were great for settling her at night Second time around I've had twins both with severe eczema and whilst the product is great and I've ordered a pair for each of them I really could do with 2 pairs for each of the twins so that I can get them through the washing cycle for them to wear them constantly As I'm sure you can understand 4 pairs is going to prove expensive Would welcome your thoughts on whether this is possible Kind Regards

Cotton Comfort Response:Unfortunately we are unable to offer discount for twins however we do have some greatly reduced items of eczema nightwear in our Sale area


From:  M.H.K.  Kentucky  U.S.A

Email Received:  Thursday, August 23, 2007 2:51 PM

Your Comment:  We were amazed by the miraculous full nights sleep our son experienced the very FIRST night he wore your full body Pyjamas!!!  He is 4 years old and has had severe eczema which started at 2 months old We have had very few nights where he slept without waking up to scratch but since he started wearing your full body Pyjamas the nights have been restful for  the whole family!!! I think it may be a psychological component as well he is less stressed because he knows he can scratch if he needs and we will  not be worried about him hurting himself We are ordering the Mitten T Shirt for him to wear at daycare Thank YOU SO MUCH for making these "magic" Pyjamas and giving our family back much needed restful sleep! Michelle in Kentucky  (USA)


From:.  D.W  Redcar  Cleveland

Email Received:.  Monday, June 25, 2007 6:59 PM

Your Comment:.  What excellent service. Love the cosymitt pj's and leggings with feet. They stop our daughter from clawing herself to shreds everynight Thanks once again


From:.  C.R  Braintree  Essex

Email Received:.  Friday, June 20, 2008 11:03 AM

Your Comment:.  Dear Sirs i am writing to say about your sizes of pyjamas i love the pjamas with the hands in and the childrens only go to size 150 and i need 160 is there any way to get pjamas with hands in coloured pretty in size 160

Cotton Comfort Response:  We now sell our Comfymitt T shirt in 'pretty' colours up to size 160cms


From: E.T  B.F.P.O

Email Received:  Sunday, June 24, 2007 7:49 PM

Your Comment:  So glad to have found your company. I bought mitten tops  footed leggings and gloves for my son and I'm planning to buy the new PJ bottoms with feet as these will be easier for trips to the toilet. I don't know how we managed before without them,respite from the scratching is otherwise impossible The gloves are useful wherever we are particularly as the wrists are well protected He is only 3 but asks of his own accord for his mitten top or gloves if he is tempted to scratch a lot. I'm especially pleased that the items are available for older children as other companies seem to only cater for babies Thank you for your indispensible products


From:  B.E   London

Email Received:  Tuesday, June 12, 2007 4:12 PM

Your Comment:  Wonderful Service and wonderful products I am so glad I found you and so is my son! He sleeps so soundly in his legging PJ's and Mitten tops and your lovely blanket goes everywhere with us as a wonderful barrier layer it covers shopping trollies pushchairs and synthetic and perfume wearing people! Many thanks

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