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30 years ago......

I was a young mum with 2 small daughters, Hannah, my youngest was 6 months old and suffering from severe eczema. I was struggling to find suitable cotton clothing and any way to ease her night time itches to enable the whole family to get a nights sleep.


Thankfully we had emerged from the 1940s and 50s when children were tied to hospital beds in splints to prevent scratching but in the 60s and 70s children still endured mittens tied tightly around sore wrists (we frequently encounter grown men and women who still cry at the inhumane treatment they endured in childhood). The only advice given to me was tie socks on her sore hands, but of course this squashed her fingers making them hotter and itchier and they had to be tied or taped around her wrists which were already very painful.


My first attempt at eczema nightwear was to sew Hannah into a cotton pillowcase each night to prevent her tearing at her legs but she was still able to cause extreme damage by rubbing her ankles together and use the inner seams to scratch against. She wore most of her clothes inside out.


By the 1980s I had designed a range of eczema nightwear which was made especially for me, in the same Swedish factory we use today. My designs have been modified and improved over the years, however my instructions to the manufacturer have not, so you can now benefit from over 30 years experience.


Our mittened nightwear protects damaged skin from the effects of scratching, enabling broken skin to heal - breaking the itch-scratch cycle, minimising the risk of infection. The perfect gentle solution.


We hope you enjoy our catalogue and look forward to hearing from you.


With kind regards



Dorothy Clark

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