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Colourgrown Cotton




We have had a worldwide search for the very best fabric to use for our eczema nightwear, fabrics containing seaweed, shellfish shells, aloe and even mint have all been rejected.


We looked at bamboo and discovered that it is not as green as it seems, and that the U.S.Federal Trade Commission has charged several companies with deceptive advertising by claiming that fabrics are made from 'bamboo fiber'. Manufactured using an environmentally friendly process, are naturally antimicrobial and will biodegrade.


These claims are untrue, 'bamboo fibre' is really rayon – same fibre invented in the 1850's. Rayon is traditionally made from wood pulp but can be made from any pulpy substance, including bamboo.


Both wood based and bamboo based rayon are manufacture using air-polluting caustic soda or lye which is not environmentally friendly and destroys any microbial characteristics that may have exist

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Date Added: 19/06/2013

Basic Principles


Cotton Comfort back to basic principles for eczema clothing


  • 100% Pure Organic Cotton, as soft as possible therefore no pesticide residue, chemical finishes or bleached white fabric

  • Hot machine wash at 60c or above – this is essential to eliminate dust mite allergen and to remove residues of oil/cream and dead skin from clothing

  • Flat seams, inside and out for extra comfort (so they cannot be used to scratch against)

  • Soft ribbed edges and covered non latex elastic

  • Tear-off labels on the outside on all Cotton Comfort produced nightwear


  • Top quality to withstand the extra wear, tear and frequent washing essential for eczema sufferers

  • Colours to be as natural as possible and without the use of dyes when possible



Clothing designed for maximum eczema comfort so :-


Roomy mittens that do not restrict development o

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Date Added: 19/06/2013

News and Stock Update




Our regular customers will have noticed that we have now discontinued our ‘Natural silver soothe’ range of eczema nightwear although we still have some stock left at Sale prices. This range has been immensely popular and effective at beating the overnight itches.


A decade ago when we introduced the ‘Natural silver soothe’ fabric into our range, Cotton Comfort Ltd was at the forefront of the new technology that enabled this completely innovative product to be launched.

We did our homework and obtained test certificates to show that the silver did not cross the skin barrier into the bloodstream, also ensuring that the silver content did not wash out into our fragile water system, and of course all our products can be hot washed at 60c (the temperature essential to destroy house dust mite allergen).

We have always promoted our eczema nightwear for night times only, believing that the skin needs time during

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Date Added: 23/03/2013

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